Non-GMO Seed Give-a-way!

It’s gardening season, my friends!  To get you started, I’ve got a great give-a-way for one lucky winner- 365 Non-GMO vegetable seeds from!
Varieties include:
Roma Tomato- 75 seeds
Basil- 120 seeds
Cilantro- 90 seeds
Yellow Bell Pepper- 30 seeds
Broccoli- 50 seeds
Year after year I find myself ordering from  Here’s three main reasons why:
-All their seeds are Non-GMO and very high quality.
-The price is very modest (starting at .99) as well as low shipping (less than gas costs to drive to the garden center!)
-Customer service is the best and they always include a free bonus seed pack in every order.  What’s not to love about that?
If you are wondering when to plant your seeds, I recommend using The Old Farmer’s Almanac.  You can enter your zip code here and get specific planting dates.  Remember, if you missed the planting date, you can always start late- it just means you will harvest later than you could have.  No worries!


Dsclaimer: is not in any way affiliated with this give-a-way.  This is simply my way of sharing gardening and seeds with my fabulous readers!  All seed counts are approximate and were tested 12/2012.  With proper care and storage, seeds can be saved and used for many years to come!

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19 thoughts on “Non-GMO Seed Give-a-way!

  1. We are starting a new garden at our new home, so hoping to establish a thirst for growing and just have a successful first year here. We are doing raised beds since we have hard clay in our yard.

  2. We are planting a large garden this year and hoping to can/preserve enough to last us through until next growing season… tall order, but at the very least it’s a learning experience! : )

  3. I would plant them. We have a new greenhouse and new field at our home. I am hoping to have a HUGE garden this year, and will freeze/can/dehydrate as much as possible to have healthy GMO-free food year round.

    1. That’s great, Kelly! How big is your garden now, and what types of methods do you use? We have a large square foot garden, as well as lots of containers and some in ground tomatoes.

  4. Plant them of course! I have a small garden every year and every year try out one or two new things to see how things grow in my backyard climate and what I like best.

  5. We always plant a huge garden. These seeds would help so much and produce healthy and tasty produce. We depend on our garden to produce enough vegetables and produce to last us year round.

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